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 Soviet Ranks during WWII

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PostSubject: Soviet Ranks during WWII   Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:18 pm

For information on the ranks of the Soviet Union during WWII, please visit this website:

A few notes on the subject:

Generalissimus of the Soviet Union - This rank was created by Josef Stalin in 1945 after the USSR defeated Germany. It was a special rank and only a few Generals would attain this status.

These ranks are all General officers:
Marshal of the Soviet Union
General of the Army - Marshal
General Colonel
General Lieutenant
General Major

The Soviet Army has no equivalent for a Brigadier General.
-- (No Equivalent to Brig General)

Senior or Field Grade Officers:
Polkovnik (Col.)
Podpolkovnik (Lt. Col)

Junior or Company Grade Officers:
Senior Lieutenant
Junior Lieutenant

The Soviet Union is one of only a few nations in the world that employs a Junior Lieutenant or what could be called a 3rd Lieutenant.

Under-Officers or Master non-commissioned officers (NCOs):
Senior Warrant Officer or Senior Praporshchik = Sergeant Major (USA)
Warrant Officer or Praporshchik = First Sergeant (USA)

These Warrant Officers are not Warrant Officers in the same sense as in the US Army, but more like the Warrant officers in the British Army. They are still NCOs, rather than Officers.

Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs):
Sergeant Major or Starshina = Sergeant First Class (USA)
Senior Sergeant = Staff Sergeant (USA)
Sergeant = Sergeant (USA)
Junior Sergeant = Corporal (USA)

Enlisted Men
Efreitor = Senior Private or Specialist (USA)
Private or Soldier

US Army 1982 - 1985
MOS: 76Y10
Units: 4th AG Co. (PP) & HHC 2/36 IN, 3AD

MA Army NG 1985 -2003
Captain, Infantry
Units: 2nd Battalion, 104th Infantry
1st Battalion, 104th Infantry
26th Infantry Brigade
HHC, 29th Infantry Division (L)

Deployments: Operation Joint Forge
Location: Bosnia-Herzegovina
Position: Battle Captain, Current Ops G3
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Soviet Ranks during WWII
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